Event – Opening to What Is, July 20


Opening to What Is
A Day-Long Retreat for Women

I hope you will join me for this day-long experience of Opening to What Is. See the description below.

Saturday, July 20, 2024
9:00am – 3:30pm

Bergamo Montessori School
8144 Pocket Road, Sacramento, 95831
COST:  $175

There will be coffee, beverages and homemade snacks available.
Please bring your own lunch.

At our weekend retreat this year, it became clear that all of us wanted to be in the company of women more often throughout the year and so the Day-Long Retreats were born!  Happily, this is the first of three.  There is an openness of heart and a connection through being together that enhances life experience.

There is much in our world and in our own life experience that can be difficult to be with.   Our time together will focus on the quality of honesty – not the cash-register kind of honesty - but the deeper meaning.  Deep honesty brings with it freedom be present, knowing we are capable of meeting everything life asks of us.  We will gently and with kindness create a space to explore the many layers of honesty.  We will listen to ourselves, to our bodies and to one another.


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