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Julie Interrante, MA, is offering a certificated End of Life Care – E.O.L. Specialist Program. Supporting someone through the dying process is one of life’s gifts. It is an honor as well as a life-enhancing experience to be present and to have the skill to assist those who are dying.

The End of Life Care Specialist Program is an integrative training that prepares you to tend to the mind, body, and spirit of individuals who are dying, as well as their families and loved ones.  It is a compassionate approach to dying which operates on the philosophy that until we take our last breath we are living, and everything we experience in our lives is meant for tenderness, self-acceptance and love.

The main focus of the program is the cultivation of mindful presence, compassion and emotional/spiritual balance in the care of the dying and their families. Dying is much more than a physical event. It is a spiritual, emotional and relational process and has holy significance.

We will use a range of learning modalities including contemplative, introspective and reflective practice, experiential exercises, group discussion, lecture, guest speakers, storytelling, journal writing, poetry and imagery with an emphasis on experiential learning and pragmatic application.

Dying is a pathway to deepened intimacy and connection. The experiences, feelings and thoughts which accompany the dying process both for the individual as well as the family are multifaceted and often unexpected. You will learn to work with individuals and their families as they find ways to stay present, be honest, share feelings, remain vulnerable and ultimately say goodbye with love.

taoThe End of Life Care Specialist Program is grounded in the principle that being with dying transforms the support specialist as deeply as it transforms the ones we care for. An anonymous Aboriginal woman says it like this:  “If you come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

If you have been called to end of life service, you have been called into an intensive exploration requiring deep, honest, sometimes painful work. It is an imperative search if it is your sincere desire to serve those who are dying.

There may be topics during the training when a range of emotional responses may be evoked. While this work is grounded in relational perspective, it is not therapy.

Who Should Attend:  Anyone who has a deep call to explore the mystery of life and death with a desire to serve the dying and their families, including family caregivers, healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, social workers, geriatric care professionals, nursing assistants, massage therapists, naturopaths, hospice volunteers, counselors, chaplains, bereavement coordinators and anyone who is currently or will care for someone who is dying.

At the successful completion of the course you will:

  • Have a new working paradigm for dying in our culture.
  • Have developed a consciousness of presence and compassion in the midst of change and transition.
  • Recognize within yourself a place that authentically connects with the human dying experience.
  • Have learned a language that gives voice to healing that is much more than curing.
  • Be equipped to facilitate authentic, honest end of life conversations with family, friends, co-workers and clients.
  • Be equipped to offer and facilitate end of life conversations in the public forum, i.e., churches, healthcare organizations, skilled care facilities, etc.
  • Be ready to begin a practice of caring for the dying and their families.
  • Become part of the End of Life Care Referral Network.
  • Be prepared to facilitate grief support groups.
  • Be prepared to officiate memorials and life celebrations.
  • Receive an End of Life Care Specialist Certification
  • Be eligible to apply for Julie Interrante’s End of Life Care Teacher Training
  • Be a vital part of a like-minded community working toward a culture where everyone receives compassionate, holistic end of life care

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Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, provider # 16029 for 30 CE contact hours. Additional $25 cost for CE credits.

Course meets the qualifications for 30 hours of continuing education credit for MFTs, LPCCs, LEPs and/or LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. PCE #5252. Additional $25 cost for CE credits.