One of the ways we acknowledge our lives is by celebrating our many transitions. Transition points are very powerful times because they afford us the opportunity to slow down and experience our growth, our accomplishments, new life and the passing of time. 


As an ordained minister, I officiate and help couples plan meaningful weddings. As a wedding draws near, couples often find themselves so busy with planning that it is easy to feel pulled a bit away asabove-sobelow-1from one another. During the planning, I help couples maintain their focus and attention on themselves individually as well as toward one another while creating a personal, meaningful wedding that is an expression of their love for one another.

Celebrations of Life – Memorial Services

Because of my many years as a hospice chaplain, I have particular creative skill in helping people plan and create celebrations of life for their loved ones. Celebrating the life of a loved one is an important part of saying goodbye. No longer simply an expression of sadness and loss, memorial services and life celebrations can incorporate any part of a loved one’s life – music, poetry, prayer, art, pictures, slide presentations, dance, pets, favorite foods. I have a very fond memory of distributing chocolate truffles in the middle of a life celebration for a friend’s father. The gift of a memorial service or life celebration is in honoring, remembering and loving. I will help you explore, create and celebrate the presence of your loved one on our planet.

 Baby Naming/Baptism

Whether a baby or child has come into our lives as the result of natural birth or adoption, it is a powerful and grounding experience to honor that child publicly with family and friends. New life in a family is the beginning of change and transition for everyone. An important part of this transition is acknowledging the commitment of parents, grandparents, siblings and godparents.  As with all ceremonies, a baby naming or baptism is an expression of the changing nature of life and all of the gifts it brings.  Welcoming a little one to the planet and into the family is an intimate act of commitment and love.