consulting-pageheadI offer support group facilitation and organizational support.

Employee Support

In organizations of all types, there are moments when loss is experienced collectively, whether through work reduction, prolonged illness or death of a co-worker.  This collective loss can affect an beeleavingentire department or team.  Workplace related loss is a significant cause of loss of productivity, and overall employee well being .  One-time or on-going support groups for employees can be helpful in maintaining continuity, focus and commitment.

I also educate and facilitate discussion for organizations focused on navigating change and transition within the workplace. These sessions include strategies for communication and staying engaged in the midst of discomfort and disharmony as well as identifying and managing fear.

Hospice Team Support

Having worked in end of life care for many years, I am aware that the work itself puts hospice team members face to face with their own mortality every day.  This often goes unnoticed until there is an opportunity to slow down and experience the life-changing nature of the work.

On-going monthly or weekly support groups for hospice teams supports continuity and communication and gives the individual team members time to express and explore their changing beliefs, feelings and attitudes toward their work.