counseling-pageheadIndividual Counseling

Counseling is an effective and dynamic way of navigating personal change and transition.  Sessions are one hour in length.  Each session begins with a moment of centering using guided imagery and sound (Tibetan bowl or Native American flute.)  The discussion and interaction is directed by the client.  You will be treated with respect, honesty and compassion. I specialize in navigating life change and transition.

Group Counseling

camelia-bowlGroup counseling is also a very effective and dynamic way of navigating personal change and transition.One of the many benefits of group counseling is the opportunity to see learn about yourself through listening to and witnessing the changes and transitions of others. The feelings and thoughts that accompany our growth are very similar from one person to another even if the actual circumstances are very different. Allowing ourselves to be seen in the midst of our transitions has the power to heal. Group counseling is limited to 6 people per group and requires a 6-month commitment for continuity and connection.

The Grass Blanket – End-of-Life Support

All of life’s transitions, including death, are a gift of being human. Many of us are unprepared and feel caught off-guard when we ourselves or someone we love is dying.  Based on the model and information in my book, The Power of a Broken-Open Heart, I help people use the dying experience as a way to deepen intimacy and connection even as they say goodbye. The feelings and thoughts that accompany the dying process both for the individual as well as the family are complex and often unexpected.  I work with individuals and their families as they find ways to stay present, be honest, share feelings, be vulnerable and ultimately say goodbye with love. I will visit individuals and/or families in their homes. You can request one single visit or on-going support.  The process itself often determines the need for more or less support.  Each individual/family receives a copy of the Power of a Broken-Open Heart and Caregiver Therapy as continuing support for the individual as well as the caregiver(s).