whatpeople-pageheadbird-heartThe best part of working with Julie is that she creates a space that is safe to share in and feel vulnerable in. And I always feel like something special is happening in me and around me…a real sense of personal growth takes place when I am with Julie. No matter what the topic has been when I am with Julie, I always walk away with a better understanding of myself and the world around me. She is a gifted teacher. — Kate R., Sacramento

Julie has the gift of being able to get down to the heart of the issue, ask the hard questions and lovingly give direction. There is never judgment. My husband has faced two serious illnesses and Julie has walked us through learning to share our truths, facing our fears and thoughts and reaching a level of intimacy we would never have found on our own. — Denise MacDonald

Julie has been extraordinary in helping our spiritual care counselors build on the strengths they had into exceptional practitioners. Julie independently assessed their individual practices made suggestions and helped to create a stellar spiritual care program that continues to be fine-tuned under her continued guidance. Julie has skills that allow her to quickly assess a group’s dynamic, develop a plan for correction, restructure or create an environment to discuss issues, and develop for themselves plans for improved relations or processes. — Jody Norton, Yolo Hospice

pyramidJulie has effective listening skills, astute inquiry capabilities and discerning insight. While my mother was dying Julie’s wisdom and insight was invaluable during this very difficult time. I was able to encourage my mother to “let go” while taking care of my own emotional needs. My work with Julie has afforded me the confidence to experience my life as me. To be authentic and not feel compelled to be the person I think others want. — MaryAnn Dann

When my husband and best friend of 35 years passed away, I was determined to reconstruct my life in a powerful and meaningful way. The minute I was introduced to Julie I knew that she was going to be the perfect person to support me in my process. Julie’s honesty about what it would take to fully journey through grief gave me the courage to step fully into the work. Her wisdom gave me insights into my own. I encourage anyone facing any kind of loss to let her gently guide you through your own self discovery. — Mary K. Ferriter

Julie Interrante was called in to help my aunt in the summer months of 2013 before my aunt’s death in September. In just a few short months, Julie, with the able assistance of her cockapoo, Mija, gained my aunt’s confidence, trust and friendship. Julie was able to be of tremendous help to her in working through her feelings, fears and beliefs. She was a great comfort to my aunt and made her last days less anxious and more peaceful. — Stephen Wheatley

I first saw Julie individually and found her to be very proactive and sensible, result oriented in a safe, honest and kind manner. Julie can connect real life, real feelings and encourages positive and thoughtful action. She holds the client in an honest and safe place and enables change to happen. — Pia Spector