welcomejulie-portrait-FB-1One of the most exhilarating things about being human is our ability to change and transform. Experience has taught me that transformation is initiated from the soul. I believe it is the ground of all wisdom, love and creativity. I am an ordained spiritual counselor and teacher committed to helping people identify and follow the wisdom of their own souls.

By the age of seven I had begun seeing deeply into the nature of things. I knew then what I know and teach now: each of us has answers within ourselves that far outweigh our training, our history and our fear. I guide people into the terrain of the soul. When I use that word, I do not mean some far-off, lofty ideal.  I mean your fundamental internal wisdom and guidance. Other words for soul are essence, heart or self. It is the place that knows things that don’t necessarily translate into hard and fast facts. It is the essence of your being that may not always agree with the material world. It is the part of you that always tells the truth. It is the part of you that insists on growth.  Your soul will shake, rattle and roll you and it will always ground you in love.

sunflowerWillingness to listen more closely to ourselves often comes as a result a change in life circumstances.  It may be a change in relationship, health, perspective, employment or a conscious decision to grow. I call this experience the broken-open heart.  Identifying and following your  internal wisdom is often accessed through the power of the broken-open heart. This process is life changing, creative and provocative. It offers new ways of being in the world. Living a complete life requires acknowledging, trusting and acting from the wisdom of your own essence. Diving deeply into the soul allows us to live balanced, creative, meaningful lives.

Individual and Group Counseling:  Counseling, whether individual or in a group is a very effective and dynamic way of navigating personal change and transition. It is also a way to more deeply explore the self either one-on-one or in concert with others who are also committed to personal and spiritual growth.

gold-leaf-2Experiential Workshops:   Workshops are an opportunity to explore specific issues geared toward developing relationship with the self. These workshops include: the wisdom of anger, navigating the broken-open heart, the gift of fear, creating sacred space, writing groups, the gift of aging and more.

Classes and Training:  Classes and training are designed to give you specific skills and education. Topics include:  end-of-life care, grief and loss, the art of  group facilitation, listening skills, etc. The End-of-Life Support Specialist training is a year-long program designed specifically to train people in working with those who are dying and their families.

I also train spiritual counselors, therapists, nurses, doctors and social workers in the wisdom of the soul and to boldly use it in their practices.

Please take a look at my classes, workshops and services.

I look forward to seeing you.