aboutjulie-pagehead15-julie-Yogi-whiskers-webI am committed to the evolution of the self through the power and wisdom of one’s own soul.

Vulnerability and the broken-open heart are pathways to the self.  Experience and exploration have taught me that allowing my heart to break open whether in joy or in sorrow allows the wisdom of my soul to emerge.  I have found there is a fundamental connection and balance between the broken-open heart and living fully. It is the beginning of trusting myself.

The broken-open heart often happens as a result of change in relationship, health, work or other life circumstance. It often happens as the result of making a personal decision to grow.  I have more than 20 years of experience guiding clients and class participants through the transitions of their lives.  My personal work as well as my work with others is grounded in the belief that every experience in life is a gift of being human.  The gift is not always comfortable or even welcomed, but it is always an opportunity to live more fully.

My life teaches me it is directly through the circumstances of my life that I experience the Divine.  For many years, I used my spiritual journey in an attempt to bypass being human.  I believed being human was somehow separate from my essence. I thought I had to eradicate my ‘imperfections’ in order to experience the gifts of the Spirit.  As it turns out, the gifts of the Spirit come directly through the vulnerable experience of being human and in fact my feelings, emotions and imperfections are how I experience myself fully.

I use discussion, music, writing, talk-counseling, instruction, exploration, guided imagery, energy work, creative expression, music and universal prayer as part of my classes, workshops and counseling.  I find that combining internal work with the creative, receptive side of the brain allows for deep discovery and enhanced self expression.

I promise to be a compassionate, experienced, respectful and honest guide as you engage the wisdom of your soul.