julie-pagehead-seniorsPrograms promoting health and well being for seniors from all walks of life

Each of the following programs can be done in an individual session, one-to-one; with family members or offered in a community living environment with residents and/or staff participation.

The Courage to Talk

Inherent in the aging process are thoughts and feelings about dying. Most of us think about our dying often throughout our lives. For many reasons, both cultural and personal, we do not talk about or share those thoughts and feelings. Creating a compassionate environment to talk about dying can mean the difference between a difficult and peaceful death for individuals and their families.  The Courage to Talk is an opportunity to explore thoughts, beliefs, feelings and wishes in a safe and caring environment. Being given a forum to talk about this most common human experience increases trust and connection as the result of being listened to.  When people are given an opportunity to express their desires, their caregivers and loved ones can help make dying as peaceful and caring as possible. Julie has more than 25 years of experience working in end-of-life care and assisting people of all ages talk about dying. With honesty, compassion, understanding and levity, she helps residents, families  and staff alike talk about death and dying.  The response to this conversation is always one of increased trust and a profound sense of relief.

The Gifts of Aging

Aging is one of the most subtle and powerful transitions we experience. Most people over 50 do not express a desire to go back to their 20s. They do, however, wish they had the wisdom and experience of aging with the body of a 20-year-old. At times, the challenges of aging are more apparent than the gifts. Our time together will be an opportunity to express and explore the challenges while honoring and celebrating the gifts that come with more time on the planet. We will explore our vibrant and our not-so-vibrant bodies, minds and souls.  Spending time with Julie will be interactive, inspirational and fun. 

dancingfeetSpirituality & Aging

Spirituality as distinguished from religion is simply an awareness of the equality and sacredness of all things. It is based in the idea that there is a spark within each of us that contributes to our personal development and well being. Every person brings to their interactions a belief system that contributes to their overall ability to communicate and enjoy life.  

It is reported that 9 out of 10 older adults rate spirituality important in their lives and that there is a positive relationship between spirituality and physical health. We also know that people do not necessarily become more religious as they age but they do become more spiritual. Exploring one’s spirituality and its changing nature throughout our lives is essential to maintaining health and well being.  

Spirituality and Aging  provides a safe, open environment to explore the many facets of spiritual evolution through the aging process.  It is both interactive and contemplative and offers an opportunity for continued personal growth.


Exploring the Message of Your Dreams in a Group Setting

Dreams only come in the service of health and wholeness.  Exploring this essential part of our consciousness provides a way to discover the creative power and to uncover the intuitive wisdom inherently present in all our dreams, giving us a deeper understanding of who we are.  

According to Jeremy Taylor, world renowned dream expert, there are many reasons for exploring dreams in a group setting.  Here are a few: 

  • All dreams speak a universal language of metaphor and symbol; these images can be and often are more easily recognized and understood in group work.
  • Because group dream work helps us overcome a sense of isolation.

All dreams are multi-layered with multiple levels and are of great benefit to all people.

This workshop is fun, informative and creative. It engages the imagination and wisdom of the soul.  It is an excellent opportunity for individuals to engage with others of like mind and common interest.

il_570xN.223563569Write Your Story
Writing is simply a commitment to know one’s self more intimately, whether writing for pleasure, for clarity, for self expression or for publishing.  Writing in a group is a genuine way of leaving a legacy of one’s life.  Putting our thoughts, feelings, dreams and life stories on paper is storytelling at its finest. Writing in a group setting creates intimate connection and helps everyone find their creative expression.  Residents will learn gentle ways to spark imagination.  Everyone will have an opportunity to share their stories and insight with others if they choose.  Notebooks and pens provided.


Creative Celebration of Life

For every resident there is the issue of grief and loss. It is of utmost importance that residents have an opportunity to talk about and express their grief and loss in order to maintain balance and joy in their lives.  Julie facilitates the creation of a meaningful community Celebration of Life ceremony honoring residents’ loved ones who have died. This celebration is experiential in nature and allows for resident and staff participation and expression.


Making Your Own Personal Greeting Cards
People often express a desire to be in touch with family and friends but either don’t know what to say in a letter or feel they don’t have much to share. Making personal greeting cards is a wonderful way to stay in touch with those we love through without the need for lots of words.  Through conversation, explanation and creative expression, residents will create meaningful cards for specific loved ones that promote communication and connection. Creating greeting cards helps overcome feelings of isolation and loss of contact. All supplies are included.

lavenderWell Being through Essential Oils
This workshop explores simple essential oils, how to use them, when to use them and for what purpose.  

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.  Inhaled aroma from essential oils is believed to stimulate brain function, reduce pain and enhance mood.  There are a wide number of essential oils available each with its own healing properties.

Participants will have an opportunity to identify the essential oils that suit their particular personality, preference and desire. This is a fun, interactive workshop designed to enhance knowledge and self care.

Experiential Workshops

Workshops are an opportunity to explore specific issues geared toward developing relationship with the self.

These workshops include:  The Gifts and Wisdom of aging, The Wisdom of Anger, Living with a Broken-Open Heart, Loving Ourselves, Wisdom of Dreams, Moving through Fear, Creating Sacred Space, Writing Groups, Animal Wisdom, Learning from the Medicine Wheel and more.

To schedule a workshop for your organization,
please contact Julie at 916-709-0959 •  julie@julieinterrante.com

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